Auto Loans

One of the smartest things you can do when shopping for a new vehicle is get pre-approved for your loan. Buying a vehicle with a pre-approved loan is a lot like buying a car with cash - you can focus on negotiating your best price at the dealership and feel confident knowing your monthly payment is based on a realistic budget. We will consider financing up to 115% of invoice amount including tax, title and registration fees. This will not apply to loan specials.

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Automatic Payments:  Many TFCU Members find that automatic payments provide a convenient, effortless way to repay their auto loan.  Please inquire about automatic payments made by payroll deduction or automatic transfer. 

Protect you Loan with GAP Insurance:  It is good practice to occasionally look up the value of your vehicle, as you are paying down the loan.  If your vehicle's current value is less than your outstanding loan balance, you should consider adding GAP Coverage.   Ask one of our loan experts to help you bridge the financial GAP between the amount your auto insurance carrier will pay in the event that your vehicle is totaled or stolen and the amount of your loan balance.

Auto Loan Rates



   Up to 24 months As low as 2.24%
   Up to 36 month As low as 2.49%
   Up to 48 months As low as 2.75
   Up to 60 months As low as 2.99%
   Up to 72 months As low as 3.99%
   Up to 84 months As low as 4.25%






* APR equal Annual Percantage Rate.